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Nesa from 2013 provides AWOS stations (Automated Weather Observing System) for airport applications in accordance with ICAO and WMO, designed for data processing and transmission every 10 'or 20', in order to continuously monitor the state of the weather conditions. To meet the high standards required, a special line of sensors and systems was developed to assure the highest quality and performance on wide range of operational and functional which were therefore included in the Sesar project that unifies the standard at European level for the monitoring in airports areas.


PTWS: the best compact solution for tactical portable Automatic Weather Station 

Stazione AWOS
Stazione AWOS per il Servizio Metereologico Areonautica Militare Italiana


Depending on the category of the airport may occur six different types of AWOS station.

The basic version comprises the measure of:

  • wind speed and direction (with ultrasonic sensor in both the standard version and heated)
  • gusts
  • turbulence
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • dew point
  • atmospheric pressure (even with direct calculation of QNH)

More measurements can be added to reach the highest category that includes visibility, type of precipitation, sky conditions and cloud cover.

Starting from the basic version, Nesa's system includes all the necessary sensors, the TMF 100/500 datalogger, the power supply system from the primary network 220Vac (standard stainless steel box IP66, other configuration on request) and pole in anodized aluminum corrosion h = 10m with hinge at the base and at 5m, or lattice with frangible bolts with double staining white/red dust and airborne warning lights. Optionally available a 10m frangible pole according to ICAO norms.

Brief presentation containing the standard technical proposal Nesa for airports monitoring


The range of our sensors is growing from year to year, constantly responding to the very different needs and allowing us to address a wide range of applications. Our expertise has led us to be among the first Italian companies to provide certified instruments as First Class anemometer for wind applications which have passed the most stringent MeasNet tests in major European laboratories in Europe and the whole range with Modbus output, suitable to all industrial acquisition systems.
  • Ultrasonic wind sensor
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Air humidity sensor
  • Atmospheric pressure sensor
  • Rain Gauge sensor
  • Solar Radiation sensor
  • Water and condensate presence sensor
  • Visibility sensor


TMF 100/500 datalogger is provided with configuration which allow the data collected from stations to be decoded in standard formats as SYNOP / METAR / SPECI, in particular-FM12 SYNOP, METAR and SPECI-FM15-FM16, thanks to our or external software.
Other formats are also available on request ( CLIMAT, TAF, etc.).
TMF500 is fully compliant with ICAO, FAA, WMO and FMH-1 approved

Main technical data
Technology RISC 32bit processor with Embedded Linux operative system on board
Analog/Pt100/0÷2Vdc/4÷20mA Inputs n. 4 @ 12bit channels (Vmax 0÷2Vdc ; I 4÷20mA) n. 4÷16 @ 24bit channels (Vmax 0÷2Vdc ; I 4÷20mA)
Digital Inputs n. 3÷96 digital inputs (48 2500V optoinsulated ) n. 3 frequency input (max 2000Hz)
Programmable Analogic outputs n. 4 @ 12bit channels 0÷2Vdc
Digital outputs n. 8÷48 open collector channels for relais command (Vmax=50V, Imax=200mA only TMF-I/O)
Communication ports n. 2 RS232 + n.1 RS485 commutata
n. 2 USB Host
n. 1 LAN Eth Port 10/100Mbits
Internal Data storage Min 32MB
External Data storage USB card 64MB÷2GB


Nesa, with its pioneering and forefront choices, since the beginning gave up to use any type of software closed or propietary, that requires specific installation or solely connected to the hardware of the dataloggers, choosing the web platform as an interface for all applications.Nesa's applications are composed of simple and direct web pages, presented as a normal website and provided with user friendly interface in which the user is accustomed every day.
Among our applications:
  • TMF: web interface configuration and representation of our TMF data logger series Esporta WEB: Simple web interface for free download, backup and conversion in EXCEL format of data collected from our dataloggers
  • METEO_AIR_REPORT: application software for data collection and standard reporting SYNOP, METAR, SPECI format messages
  • AWSPLUS: Powerful software for data collection and data management from monitoring stations with data storage (database) and able to generate reports in formats SYNOP, METAR, SPECI, Half-hour METARs, CLIMAT, BUOY and BUFR accordin to WMO no. 306.
  • Sunflower: Web application of the most comprehensive management and evaluation of data from datalogger networks and /or systems acquisition
  • Iris: Web application for data managing data in numerical and graphical of a single station
Biaxial sonic anemometer for AWOS stations
Barometer for avionic applications