Dataloggers for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

EVOLUTION - New advanced Multi-function Linux Embedded terminal
  • • Linux O.S. with integrated Apache Web Server and PhP
  • • No software to be installed
  • • Direct easy to use and powerful interface with browser
  • • Ethernet, WiFi, USB serial and remote access
  • • @24 bit high accuracy on all AC/DC inputs
  • • Compact design and very low power consumption,100% full operating
  • • Integrated battery charge controller
  • • Wide range of activable features
  • • User programs and scripts sharable via web
  • • Easy to configure with wizard or XML
  • • Automatic recognition of connected sensors
  • • Modular and expandable, up to a high number of I/O

evolution represents the natural transition from dataloggers TMF series, which revolutionized over ten years ago the world of data acquisition systems, to a more modern technology, finally bringing to the development and manufacturing of this extraordinary product, which has no competitors in terms of performances and ease of use. It promises a second technological revolution in this field.

A modular high-accuracy datalogger, with Linux operative system, Apache web server and PhP interpreter, usable without any external and/or proprietary software, fully configurable via web, customizable with user scripts and programs sharable via web

It has the most widespread and modern communication interfaces and an intelligent and automatic recognition of the connected sensors (both Nesa and third party): in other words, a really technologically advanced device. Acquisition, processing, programming, storage, alarm management, data processing and transmission, have never been so user friendly as with evolution.

A completely new and efficient experience when using it, upgradable and expandable at any time through a wide range of extra functions. All of this compliant to the latest norms in the environmental monitoring field.