Dataloggers for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

TMF500 Multi-function Linux Embedded terminal
  • • Linux datalogger programmable up to 160 I/O configurable
  • • 4÷16 programmable analogical high-resolution inputs (24Bit)
  • • 5÷48 programmable frequency inputs up to 2000Hz/channel
  • • 1÷100 inputs via RS485, SDI-12
  • • 1÷100 radio inputs via ZigBee
  • • 2÷6 serial ports, 2 USB, 1 LAN Eth 10/100 Mbits, GPRS
  • • 4 analogical output 0÷2Vdc
  • • 4÷48 open collector outputs for relay control
  • • Internal memory from 32MB ÷ 2GB external removable memory (USB)
  • • Wide display and user-friendly alphanumerical keyboard
  • • New version with extremely low power consumption (< 0.2W in “low power” mode)
  • • Inputs protected from electrical shocks and surges
  • • Integrated charge regulator up to 40Ah
  • • Communication protocols: Modbus RTU & Tcp, SDI-12, TCP-IP, http, Ftp, Ntp, Telnet, Smtp
  • • Data format: ASCII txt file, AES encripted, Synop, Metar, Speci
  • • Web interface for programming, data and graphs visualization

Programmable and expandable datalogger up to 160 I/O, ultra-low power (<0.2W), with inputs and outputs both analogical (24bit) and digital.
Equipped with two/six-port RS232/RS485 serial communication, two USB ports, LAN 10/100 Ethernet, internal memory (minimum 32MB) and internal web server. Includes a keyboard for an easy base setup and display data. Easily programmable and configurable directly from Web pages. Embedded Linux operating system on-board.
Customizable software and graphics.
Possibility of easy software’s customizations.
It allows direct interfacing to the ZigBee ZBC wireless module (see accessories) to interface up to 100 wireless sensors.
Complete with manual and accessories