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Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control


NESA SRL once again protagonist at the 2017 edition of the World Meteorological Technology Expo, held at the RAI in Amsterdam in October.
In this very important international event, the presence of NESA has been further strengthened, guaranteeing the acquisition of many important contacts at a global level, which have become part of the company's customers area.
NESA presented a very important novelty that attracted the interest not only of potential customers but also of the most well-known competitors, its new product SFL: it represents the latest technological innovation in terms of acquiring sensor data and sending information directly to the network. It allows in an easy and immediate way to read the temperature, light intensity, humidity, CO2 or other parameters of environmental comfort.

Through SFL it is therefore possible to connect both new and existing sensors, acquire the measurements and calculate the statistical values (eg average and maximum minimum) in certain intervals (eg every 15 '), sending these elaborations directly on the network, without any further wireless connections, or telephone sims or additional charges.

SFL uses SigFox's LPWan technology, thanks to which it is able to interface digital and analogue electrical signals to send them directly to the Internet (868MHz in Europe). It can acquire Pt100, thermopile (μV), voltages max. 0 ÷ 2Vdc, currents 0 ÷ 20mA, 4 ÷ 20mA, digital signals (frequency or states / counts) or signals with ModBus, SDI12 or RS485 protocols. It is programmable by type and signal range, by number of periodic daily mailings or by variable frequency threshold. It has an integrated battery with autonomous up to 5 years.

The ever-increasing need to make available IoT devices with "smart" management, always connected to networks like SigFox, LoRaWAN, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, is a challenge that involves entire sections of the manufacturing industry, and will certainly bring benefits to all supranational organizations, MetOffices and any other institutional user who will be increasingly facilitated with the availability of reliable, up-to-date and remote-collected data that can reduce technical, infrastructure and maintenance costs.

NESA has also obtained further confirmation that the new EVOLUTION datalogger, already available on the market, will mark a new turning point in the world of data acquisition systems based on "open" technologies and without proprietary software as well as royalties. These confirmations fully support the impressions gathered during the 2016 World Meteorological Technology Expo in Madrid, which can be listened to in the video published in the appropriate section of our website /en/video.aspx

NESA s.r.l. has been awarded of an important European-funded contract for the provision of a large meteorological network for 10 of the 18 nations that compose the "West African Countries". The network includes monitoring stations according to WMO, remote telemetry, surveillance system and centralization software. The stations consist of high-tech instrumentation and sensors, managed by the TMF dataloggers with embedded linux operating systems, 10m aluminum poles, and 3G/wifi/sat remote transmission system. The stations are installed in the participating countries of the "West African Countries" through the National Meteorological Offices, and will feature a state-of-the-art monitoring network designed for easy technical assistance. An award to Nesa's expertise and know-how that keeps the technical level of its solutions at the top available level.

With the aim of a medium to long-term investment plan, NESA srl expands its potential by acquiring Vidor's entire building of "Ex-Middle Schools" to be deployed to the next new headquarters, but with the clear intention of creating a "science and technology pole", where new and young innovative realities, such as start-ups, designers and technology developers or professionals, can found the right place to grow their own ideas.

EVOLUTION: New advanced Multi-function Linux Embedded terminal EVOLUTION IS THE NEW GENERATION DATALOGGER

NESA s.r.l. is going to participate in the world's biggest exhibition for manufacturers of instrumentation and environmental monitoring systems and will present as world premiere a product ready to revolutionize the market for acquisition systems, based on established and proven decades of experience in embedded Linux open operating systems: evolution, the new and powerful data logger, will be exhibited to the public and will definitely the center of attention of visitors from all over the World.

evolution represents the natural transition from dataloggers TMF series, which revolutionized over ten years ago the world of data acquisition systems, to a more modern technology, finally bringing to the development and manufacturing of this extraordinary product, which has no competitors in terms of performances and ease of use. It promises a second technological revolution in this field.

A modular high-accuracy datalogger, with Linux operative system, Apache web server and PHP interpreter, usable without any external and/or proprietary software, fully configurable via web, customizable with user scripts and programs which can be shared via web.

It has the most widespread and modern communication interfaces and an intelligent and automatic recognition of the connected sensors (both Nesa and third party): in other words, a really technologically advanced device. Acquisition, processing, programming, storage, alarm management, data processing and transmission, have never been so user friendly as with evolution. A completely new and efficient experience when using it, upgradable and expandable at any time through a wide range of extra functions. All of this compliant to the latest norms in the environmental monitoring field.

NESA srl continuously expands the network of its worldwide sales, thanks to Agents and local representatives in the World. Business relations are growing also in some Countries like Iran and Pakistan, where local governments are investing big amounts for environmental monitoring and updating of old networks.

NESA srl is going to take part Madrid’s Expo for many reasons; the presence of visitors and potential customers coming from many Countries is extremely important and gives the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience on environmental monitoring systems, and at the same time this event allows to introduce our evolution, the new and powerful data logger. We are confident that the 2016 Expo will definitely give to NESA srl a recognized position among most relevant world’s manufacturers.

Visit us at our booth 3080 from 27th to 29th September 2016!

23-24 SEPTEMBER 2013
Nesa and Gestioni Elettroniche were at "Toxic Trip 2013", at 3^ flight formation of Villafranca, Verona, in presence of representatives from 15 European countries.
The exercising is organized by NATO with CBRN Training Group Task Group in order to balance the procedures and verify the interoperability of frameworks of capacity CBRN (chemical, biological, Radiological and Nuclear). Nesa then presented the Tactical and Transportable Meteorological System that is very quickly to install and uninstall for operations in field: very high interested noted in particular for the modularity and ease of movement of supporting pole made of carbon fiber and thus very lightweight.

Nesa SRL and Gestioni Elettroniche SPA become again operating at Vigna di Valle near Lake of Bracciano (headquarters of the Experimentation Departments of Aeronautical Meteorology, called “ReSMA”) with the presentation of the proposed Transportable Tactical Meteorological Station, in accordance with WMO , equipped with advanced smart sensors with serial communication protocol. The standard station can be packed with a maximum of three industrial cases of category ATA-300 and requires no mechanical tools for installation/un-installation. The operating times are less than 15 minutes per operation, and this speed fully meets the requirements of portability, modularity and flexibility of the measurement equipment for temporary missions in military field. The station is equipped with a special roll tactical pole, extremely durable, suitable for applications where space is limited with restricted timelines; the stainless steel box has all IP68 connectors on the back, so the operator doesn’t need to open the front door if not for access to the power switch. Ability to self-recognizing the type of power supply and interface with any measuring device (including third parties sensors), make the SMTT a valuable product of support for the military operations, which allows immediate operability, simple and intuitive method of installation, very low action times .
Once again, the technology and the know-how is fully Italian, thanks to a perfect synergy between Gestioni Elettroniche and Nesa, have allowed the creation of a product tailored to the needs of the aircraft industry, pushing further on the already advanced construction techniques and use of sensors professional as well as data management systems.

NESA and IANS (AEROLEASE) to the Bahrain International Airshow 2014
NESA SRL and IANS ( with partner AEROLASE ), exhibited their products and technologies Bahrain International Airshow , which was held from 14 and 16 January 2014. During this important event, in which the main manufacturers of technologies at the top in the military and avionics attended illustrating novelty and potential of their systems, Nesa has further strengthened its partnership with the Russian company, with whom it has already participated in various events abroad for the military and tactical sector. Nesa has presented its solution for the portable station that has had, as on other occasions, a great success thanks to the easy transport, modularity and flexibility in the configuration of the sensors measuring the total weight extremely limited, strength of materials and compliance with regulations WMO and ICAO. The Airshow has been a very important confirmation of the research and technological development of Nesa, which increasingly presents itself as a leader in Italy and abroad for advanced technologies in many fields of environmental monitoring.


NESA AND OSMER Friuli Venezia Giulia (Regional Meteorological Observatory) TOGETHER TO IX EDITION OF "IMPARARE SPERIMENTANDO" (“Learning by experimenting”)
With great pleasure Nesa was present, thanks to the invitation of “OSMER Friuli Venezia Giulia”, in the ninth edition of "Learning by experimenting", interactive exhibition that offers a large collection of experiments in physics and science in all areas of natural phenomena.

The exhibition, held at the former Convent of San Francesco in Pordenone, is organized by AIF - Association for the Teaching of Physics - Section of Pordenone. The main purpose of the initiative is to raise awareness of the Physics and Science in general. Details and more information to the site 

Nesa has presented a portable demo weather station installed in the ancient cloister and acquired the data and make them available on a web site in real time for the duration of the event (February 8 to March 2 in 2014)..

NESA expands the "Publications" section within its website, making it more substantial with two new scientific readings that relate to areas of monitoring very different from each other (a further demonstration the wide of fields of application and the flexibility of the products and technologies of its knowhow). In particular, the first article highlights the collaboration between NESA and IASMA - Fondazione Edmund Mach for agricultural meteorology (through the use of dataloggers and sensors thermo-hygrometric TMF, using specific algorithms) and the provision of an automatic weather station for the high-altitude area of Monte Canin (between Italy and Slovenia), with installation and management by the "Parco Naturale Prealpi Giulie" in collaboration with the "Unione Meteorologica Friuli Venezia Giulia" (UMFVG). In this photo of Daniele Moro (Snow and avalanches department of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region) shows the monitoring area of Monte Canin, and you can see the automatic station coming out albeit slightly by the huge winter snow. All the details in the Publications section.

In March 2014, NESA srl submitted its bid to an international Tender financed by World Bank within the "Agriculture Productivity Assistance Project", in favor of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (supported by Agribusiness Competitiveness Center). The tender was for the supply and delivery of 17 professional automatic weather stations in accordance with WMO, the training course on site in Bishkek and the installation of two "pilot" stations together with the technicians of the "Agency for Hydrometeorology under the Ministry of Emergency Situation of the Kyrgyz Republic - Kyrgyzhydromet ", and any other operation necessary for training&commissioning.
The tender was awarded to NESA srl in May and after factory production, testing and shipping,during September the Company's senior technicians successuly achieved the on-site training to approximately 30 local technicians, explaining methods of installation of equipment according to the WMO regulations and activating transmission via GPRS modem to Kyrgyzhydromet server, where all the data will be historicized in order to help the Agency to carry out future implementations of local weather monitoring, prevention and mitigation of extreme events and the development of numerical models for the weather forecast in support of agriculture in the Country. In particular, the use of a patented technique Nesa for the intelligent management of heating the precipitation sensor, allows the extension (compared to the standard) of the operation of measuring stations even in conditions of intense cold, thanks to the technique specifically dedicated for the purpose of energy savings.
Thanks to the contract signed with the World Bank, NESA srl has thus acquired an additional foreign experience, proving that the Italian high level technology it designs, manufactures and presence is highly appreciated and choice from Customers in the World, together with the recognized professional skills and competence of its technical staff.

NESA was selected by UNDP Armenia for the supply, delivery, training and commissioning of two automatic professional weather stations in accordance with WMO, with  the purpose of the agro-meteorological monitoring and prevention/warning of at risk conditions, within the project "mitigation of Climate Change Risks of Rural Communities developed through improved local planning project ".
The tender was awarded in June 2014, and the implementation of the project was carried out as per the contract in October 2014. NESA's senior technicians traveled to Yerevan at the Armenian National Hydro-meteorological department, at the presence of the personnel working for National Hydro-meteorological Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian University of Yerevan.

The purpose of the training, required by the contract, was aimed at training local technicians to be able to operate autonomously on the provided systems, guaranteeing to provide all the features and tools for the programming, management and customization of the control units, thanks to versatility and complete openness guaranteed by the Linux operating system installed on board of TMF datalogger serie.
UNDP staff and institutions involved has shown remarkable interest in the supplied equipment, requiring additional stations and applications to other sectors; Armenia is a Country characterized by many rural areas where the possibility of using data transmission systems (like GPRS) is limited or absent, thus maintaining measures with traditional mechanical instruments is an integral part of the monitoring programs meteorological provided by designated Institutions.

NESA's technicians received a warm and generous welcome by UNDP staff, and at the end of the contractual activities have been given the opportunity to visit some significant places in terms of geographical and historical contents, such as the Garni Temple (approximately founded in the first century AD by the Greeks) and the Geghard Monastery (included in the UNESCO Heritage since 2000), close to Yerevan.

NEW SNOW TEMPERATURE PROFILER - Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015
NESA s.r.l. launches a new professional sensor for environmental monitoring. The study of the temperature of the snow has strategic importance for check the profile stability, especially in areas under avalanche risk. The stability of the snow is strongly influenced by its thermal profiling and know with extreme detail and accuracy the value at different heights above the ground allows the operator to express best considerations and adopt specific actions related to forecasting and warning.

Based on these assumptions and collaborating with an important partner in the field of mountain monitoring, NESA s.r.l. has developed a specific product that stands out in the market.

Temperature profiler for snow cover, made with a pole in anodized aluminium and white painted and with 12 high accuracy temperature sensors (Pt100 1/5 DIN) places on adjustable and removable arms up to 25cm away from border pole, to appreciate small temperature differences between the various points. The measurements start from ground level up to a maximum of 250 cm height. The arms with the sensors mounted on their head, are arranged radially around the pole, to reduce the physical interference among them and ensure that each sensor is fully immersed in the snow at its corresponding level. Each arm is also installed with a specific angle (about 10°) that limits the stay of snow in its surface during melting.The distance between the individual sensors changes according to the height from the ground. All sensors are inserted in a special terminal in Teflon and are easily interchangeable thanks to a special IP68 screwed connector.

The product will be exhibited and presented in preview at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015 in Brussels, where NESA s.r.l. awaits you at booth 7120, October 13-15th 2015
For more information see the product pages at or contact our Sales Department at 

TMF DATALOGGER WITH INTERNAL HOT-SPOT - Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels 2015

The Italian Company NESA S.r.l. will present at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Brussels 2015, an innovative upgrade for its high performance data logger TMF series. The already famed and universally known Linux data logger has been fitted with hot-spots function inside (private or public), which allows the user to connect directly to the web server for configuration, control and maintenance, data download, visualization in real time of the latest measures and other features, without physical connection.

The product will be exhibited and presented in preview at the Meteorological Technology World Expo 2015 in Brussels, where NESA s.r.l. awaits you at booth 7120, October 13-15th 2015

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NESA s.r.l. and Ammonit Measurement GmbH: a partnership for wind monitoring projects

Recently Nesa srl has signed an important trade agreement with Ammonit Measurement GmbH, worldwide leading German Company in the field of wind resource assessment and monitoring(in reference to the current standard IEC 61400-12-1 and upcoming standard IEC 61400-15-1 ), as well as solar resource assessment and monitoring.



The trade agreement between Nesa srl and Ammonit Measurement GmbH includes distribution in the world market (in relation to projects governed by standard IEC 61400-12-1) of specific products for wind resource assessment and monitoring.

This important result rewards Nesa's product quality and the importance of continuous R&D that has always characterized the Company, which has over 10 years of specific experience in the field of wind monitoring and related projects.

NESA s.r.l. is going to participate in the world's biggest exhibition for manufacturers of instrumentation and environmental monitoring systems. Now in its sixth edition, the Expo changes location, and after 5 years at the trade fair pavilion in Brussels, will move to the "Feria" in Madrid, Spain.

NESA srl, always present at this event, strengthens more and more its image within the international market thanks to the expansion of the sales network of over 60 Countries worldwide, both directly and through tenders. WORLD METEOROLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY EXPO is a very large showcase offering multiple opportunities.
The Company will present as world premiere a product ready to revolutionize the market for acquisition systems, based on established and proven decades of experience in embedded Linux open operating systems: EVOLUTION, the new and powerful data logger, will be exhibited to the public and will definitely the center of attention of visitors from all over the World. Visit us at our booth 3080 from 27th to 29th September 2016!

NESA, IANS&LASER SYSTEMS at the World Meteorological Technology Expo 2013
NESA SRL and IANS together again at the third edition of the World Meteorological Technology Expo in Brussels.
In this very important occasion of International meetings, the relationship between the two companies has been further strengthened and the participation of NESA has guaranteed many significant contacts worldwide, which have became in large part Customers of the Company . The main product exposed was the tactic portable weather station, already extensively tested and used in avionics, and personalized in the type and number of sensors, data transmission and configuration depending on customer requirements.
The importance of the event in Brussels was then confirmed again and then it denotes as one of the most important events in a global context for the meteorological field.

29-30 may 2013
Conference and presentation of Nesa’s AWOS products at National Centre od Meteorology and Climatology of Italian Air Force, at Pratica di Mare (RM).
During the presentation, Nesa showed to the Air Force managers its solutions specifically designed for AWOS at airports, also providing a practical demonstration of equipment making it available to Operating Departments and answering questions asked by the many present.

22 may 2013 - Technical Institute "Galilei" Rome
Nesa, thanks to the opportunity offered by Dr. Fabio Scanzani, teacher at “ITIS Galilei” and with the support of Ascisse srl (reference Mr. Fabio Felici) takes part in a training activity about some lessons on electronic technology used for acquiring and managing electrical signals, in particular for environmental measurements.
This particular opportunity for exchanging and discussing with students about their educational pathway has been highly rewarding, and the opportunity to show the Nesa technological proposal in this prestigious institute of the capital, was the result of coordination between the two sides in order to offer to young people one more chance, as well as to show some possible future occupations in the field of electronic and environmental monitoring.

16-17 September 2013
Nesa and Gestioni Elettronica installed, at Vigna di Valle near Lake Bracciano ( historical observation site and among the most important in the world for meteorological testing since 1909, where seat the Experimentations Department of Meteorology, ReSMA), a station in according to WMO norms at EX-DCP area, by using the mechanical supports already existing, with the installation of new standard sensors with very high performances. In this manner they recovered the observing site, implementing a remote system for data via serial to the equipment room, equipped with server PC and SWC Software.

A new appointment and excellent feedback from the 2012 edition for monitoring wind farm in accordance with IEC61400-12; Nesa has presented this year, in addition to its already known products, the innovative monitoring system, using LIDAR technology, produced by IANS (Moscow, Russia), developed for the analysis of wind up to 300m and available for an extended range up to 2000m. IANS and Nesa have entered into a collaboration agreement for the mutual markets, thus establishing a future of solid and reciprocal activity. Nesa has finally presented monitoring solutions with Modbus wind sensors, which allow via web interface a complete control from user, without the use of a specific data logger and make possible to capture data directly to a PC via interface RS485/Modbus – USB

NESA participates also in 2012 at the world's fair of technology professional weather Brussels in association with the Russian company IANS, Aeronavigation Systems International Inc.. with which it has established important trade relations during the year, with particular developments in avionics and aircraft in both civil and military sectors. Nesa has presented to the public its solutions in terms of data logger and concentrators with a range of examples of dedicated sensors for AWOS stations.

Since January 2012, Nesa actively collaborates with Datameteo-LRC Services (a leading company in Italy for precision weather forecast, operating in the field of data processing, monitoring, planning and development of high performance services for the world of meteorology, aeronautics, boating, environment, renewable energy and civil protection).

NESA participates in 2011 at the first World's Fair in Brussels for technology professional weather presenting to the public its solutions in terms of data logger and concentrators with a range of examples of dedicated sensors for AWOS stations, and at the same time promotes collaboration with a partner in development and implementation of advanced systems for monitoring oceanic surface area and depth.

14 ottobre 2013
Nesa srl and Datameteo-LRC Servizi consolidated their synergy by activating  an advanced and targeted service, which integrates data measured by monitoring stations on the ground to detailed forecasting at high resolution. This is the result of a collaboration between Nesa and Datameteo-LRC Servizi who worked side by side with an important exchange of information and constantly improving the final product, now with an eye-catching graphic, and providing specificity and accuracy, the basic conditions for many applications for the custom weather forecasting.
The full article a presentation products to the following address: