Environmental monitoring systems and remote control

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control



Monitoraggio ambientale - telecontrollo - sensori - azienda Sistemi e tecnologie per monitoraggi ambientali e telecontrolli aziende

NESA, thanks to the expertise and technical capacity of its staff and ongoing collaboration with the scientific world (NRC, research centers), as well as with large industrial and institutional partner, is able to design, manufacture and offer services with a high quality standard.

All the activities are carried out in compliance with regulations UNI EN ISO9001 and ISO14001, ensuring excellent product quality and service offered in the full respect of the environment.


NESA has instruments certified by ACCREDIA centers or Primary institutes accredited (Colonnetti, PTB, CNR, Dewi etc. ...) according to the law n. 273/91 in order to ensure the traceability chain of every product manufactured. Especially for the anemometer sensors, tests are carried out at various levels of severity with specific calibrations for the issuance of MeasNet certificates specific for wind monitoring.

In addition, the main standards reference which Nesa follows:
Safety: Law 81/08 and CE regulations
Meteorology: WMO Annex n.8
Acquisition systems, data transmission and storage: IEC 57-8
Electrical installations: CE 46/90 (DM 37/08)
Monitoring Wind Power: IEC 61400-12
AWOS stations: ICAO, SESAR and EMC EN-61326-1