Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

Gas concentration transmitters for indoor and outdoor

Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • • Gas concentration transmitters 
  • • Compact size and weight in container IP54 (IP65 for CO2 sensor)
  • • Measurement with electrochemical method
  • • Standard ranges and custom on request
  • • Low consumption: <2W
  • • Output signal: 4 ÷ 20mA (0÷ 2Vdc or RS485/Modbus on request with MCS module)
  • • Power supply: 14 ÷ 24Vdc


Euro-Gas Sensors for the measuring of concentration for specific gases, for a wide range of applications, both industrial and environmental. They are not gas analyzers, they use an electrochemical measuring principle or infrared (depending on the gas) , with which it is possible to convert the measurement of gas's concentration in measurable electrical signal (4÷20mA). Specifically designed for outdoor applications with IP54 enclosure. The measurable gases: NH3 (Ammonia), CO2 (carbon dioxide), CO (Carbon Monoxide), H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide), CH4 (methane), NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), O2 (Oxygen), SO2 (sulfur Dioxide ). For available ranges, see the reference table.