Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

First class Global solar radiation sensor

Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • • Measurement of global solar radiation with thermopile in class I
  • • Compliant to ISO9060, WMO and IEC-17025
  • • Body in aluminum, sturdy and compact, easy to install
  • • Measuring range 0 ÷ 2000W/m2
  • • Sensitivity: 10μV/m2
  • • Spectral range: 0,3÷3 µm
  • • Long-term stability: <± 1,5%
  • • Response to tilt from 0÷90° <± 2%
  • • Uncertainty expected daily: < 5%
  • • Output signal: 10µV/W/m2, 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA, RS485/Modbus
  • • Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80°C
  • • Power supply: 10 ÷ 30Vdc

Sensor for the measurement of Global Solar Radiation (pyranometer) class I with thermopile. Designed to measure the global component of the sunlight on the spectrum 0,3 um - 3um according to the cosine law. Conforms to WMO for environmental monitoring, it is also an ideal instrument for photovoltaic applications according to IEC-9060 and IEC-17025. Quality instrument which, thanks to the different types of electrical outputs (voltage and current) or digital RS485 with ModBus protocol, allows it to be easily interfaced with any acquisition system.