Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

LUX Luxmeter or illuminance sensor
Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • • Illuminance Sensor for indoor and outdoor use
  • • Conforms to CE standards
  • • Compact
  • • Measuring range selectable from 0÷200klux
  • • High sensitivity: 5÷500mV/lux
  • • Spectral range: Curve V (λ) from about 400nm ÷ 700nm
  • • Output signal: 0÷10Vdc, 4÷20mA
  • • Operative range: -20 ÷ +60°C
  • • Power supply: 10÷30Vdc

Sensor for measuring the illuminance (lux), defined as the ratio of light (lumens) that crosses a surface, and the surface area considered (m2). The response curve of the transducer is equal to that of the human eye, known as the photopic standardized curve.
The instrument can be ordered with three different measurement scales, up to 200klux. Sensor equipped with electrical protections and available with different signal outputs.