Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
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RSG-W Wireless Global solar radiation sensor (I & II Class)
Sensori radiazione solare, monitoraggio ambientale, NESA
  • • Measurement of global solar radiation 1^ (RSG1) & 2^ (RSG) Class with thermopile
  • • Compliant to ISO9060, WMO
  • • Body in aluminum, sturdy and compact, easy to install
  • • Measuring range 0 ÷ 2000W/m2
  • • Sensitivity: 10μV/m2
  • • Spectral range: 0,3÷3 µm
  • Wireless data transmission with ZigBee protocol
  • • Battery life: >2 years
  • • Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +60°C
  • • Ready for astronomical calculations with data logger Nesa

Wireless sensor for the measurement of Global Solar Radiation (pyranometer) class I or II. Designed to measure the global component of the sunlight on the spectrum 0,3 um - 3um. With a special shading ring in equatorial band, it is possible to measure the diffuse solar radiation. Conforms to WMO for environmental monitoring, it is also an ideal instrument for photovoltaic applications, thanks to the possibility to be interfaced to the datalogger TMF, infinitesimal corrections are possible using the astronomical calculation, allowing with these instruments to arrive at a high accuracy (<2%). Each instrument can be supplied with a calibration.