Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

RSN Net solar radiation sensor
  • • Measurement of net solar radiation with thermopile
  • • Compliant to ISO9060, WMO
  • • Body in aluminum, sturdy and compact, easy to install
  • • Measuring range: ±2000W/m2
  • • Sensitivity: 10μV/m2
  • • Spectral range: 0,2 ÷ 110µm
  • • Long-term stability: <± 1,5%
  • • Output signal: 10µV/W/m2, 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA, RS485/Modbus
  • • Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +70°C
  • • Power supply: 10 ÷ 30Vdc

Sensor for the measurement of Net Solar Radiation (Net-radiometer) with thermopile. Designed to measure the difference between the radiation reflected from soil and the global one from sun (diffuse + direct). Conforms to WMO for environmental monitoring. Quality instrument which, thanks to the different types of electrical outputs (voltage and current) or digital RS485 with ModBus protocol, allows it to be easily interfaced with any acquisition system.