Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

TAI Indoor temperature sensor

Sensors for environmental monitoring
  • • Indoor air temperature sensor with a 4-wire Pt100 1/3DIN
  • • According to WMO standards and with Pt100 platinum resistance
  • • Size and weight compact
  • • Available with different signal output
  • • Range: -40 ÷ +80°C
  • • Resolution: 0.015°C
  • • Accuracy: DIN 43760 1/3DIN (±0.1°C)
  • • Response time: <15s
  • • Operating conditions: -50 ÷ +80°C
  • • Output signal: Pt100 (100Ω @ 0°C), 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA, Digital RS485/Modbus
  • • Power supply: 10÷30Vdc
Sensor for measuring the air temperature in indoor environments. Compact and sturdy, can be interfaced to a wireless transmission unit that uses the ZigBee protocol to make possible the creation of a network consisting of multiple sensors, directly acquirable by a datalogger series TMF100 or TMF500 through appropriate gateway. Easy to install and interface with any data logger (4-wire). The sensor is equipped with electrical protections and is available with different signal outputs.