Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

SUT Moisture soil sensor
Sensori umidità terreno, monitoraggio ambientale
  • • Soil moisture sensor accurate and reliable
  • • PVC body, metal electrodes
  • • Measure range: from 0÷100%  VWC (Volumetric Water Content)
  • • Response time: < 1sec
  • • Operating Conditions: -40 ÷ 85°C
  • • Signal output: 4÷20mA or 0÷2Vdc and RS485/Modbus with MCS option on request
  • • Power supply: 10÷20 Vdc; 5mA@12Vdc (typical)

The soil moisture sensor is a device that detects the dielectric constant of the soil by means of measures in high frequency. This value depend on the soil moisture and is insensitive to water salinity. Water in soli is a conductor and on the basis of its concentration is possible to obtain an indication of the humidity of the soil, relating the dielectric constant to the soil water tension. The sensor is automatically temperature.