Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

SUT1 High precision soil moisture sensor
Sensori umidità terreno, monitoraggio ambientale
  • • High precision soil moisture sensor no conductivity based
  • • IP68 Body in resin, stainless steel electrodes
  • • Wide salinity range and no corrode over time
  • • Measure range: 0÷100% VWC (Volumetric Water Content)
  • • Accuracy: ± 3% (0-70%WC)
  • • Response time: < 1sec
  • • Operating Conditions: -20 ÷ 60°C;100 to 1000mS/m
  • • Signal output:0÷1.5Vdc differential; 4÷20mA or 0÷2Vdc and RS485/Modbus with MCS option on request
  • • Power supply: 5÷15 Vdc; 20mA for 1s

The soil moisture sensor is a device that detects the amount of water present in the soil, that is an information necessary to determine the uniformity of the growth conditions of the plants and for the necessary corrective actions. Understand the real state of soil moisture leads to a careful management of water resources and treatments to preserve the health of the plants. The water in the soil is an electrical conductor and according to its concentration is possible to obtain an indication of humidity in the soil as much more accurate as more complex is the method of measurement. The sensor uses a frequency measurement (FDR), is precise and temperature compensated to achieve an accuracy up to 3%. Electrical standard output is 0÷1.5Vdc for a range uo to 100%WC.