Sensors for environmental monitoring

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

DVE Encoder Wind Direction sensor 0 ÷ 360°
DVER Encoder Heated Wind Direction sensor 0 ÷ 360°
  • Magnetic encoder measurement of wind direction, precise and linear
  • • Instrument according to standard WMO
  • • Aluminum sturdy, compact and easy to install
  • • Typical measuring range: 0 ÷ 360°
  • • Resolution: <0.15°, accuracy: ± 0.3°
  • • Sensitivity <0.21 m/s
  • • Low power consumption (<0.1 W; <5W@12VDC with heater)
  • • High dynamic response to wind
  • • Output signal: 0÷2Vdc, 4÷20mA, RS485/Modbus
  • • Operating conditions: -10 ÷ +70°C (35 ÷ +70°C heated version), 0÷80m/s (blasts)
  • • Power supply: 10 ÷ 30Vdc


The sensor for wind direction measure (Gonio-anemometer), is made of materials with high reliability and durability, that maintain for long time the characteristics of sensitivity and precision. The mechanical body shape allows  to resist at high wind speed or squalls (up to 300km/h). Using a special magnetic encoder that ensures very high resolution and accuracy by eliminating any mechanical friction in a full operating angle of 360°. The output signal is normalized in voltage or current (4÷20mA or 0÷2Vdc) or digital on RS485/Modbus, available with heater at low power (5W@12Vdc). The sensor is manufactured according to standard WMO (World Meteorological Organization).