Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST-BOSCO Woods monitoring system
Station for monitoring woodland areas, realized and provided already configured and ready for the acquisition, processing and storage of the most important parameters for the safety and fire prevention, in addition to analyze the water condition of the soil and leafage.
The station is usually composed of an air temperature and humidity sensor, a leaf wetness sensor (which can be supplied with a module for wireless transmission for distances up to 150m crow flies, self powered, in order to ensure the best installation as close as possible to the leafage to monitor), soil temperature and humidity sensor, datalogger complete power supply system by solar panel and eventual wireless receiver module, cables and software included.
The station is provided in a special wooden box similar to nest boxes for birds, in order to make it camouflage and less invasive as possible in the environment.
The low consumption of the station (<1.5W), allows a long battery life even with a small photovoltaic panel 20W power.
The possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc. Allow you to manage the data and datalogger very easily even remotely, by using common web browsers, without any proprietary software.

Professional camera IP connected to the LAN port of datalogger for the surveillance, or infrared camera for analyzing and managing fire alarms.

Woods monitoring and fires prevention.