Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST-IDRO Waters level and quality monitoring system
Environmental monitoring systems
The ST-IDRO stations are realized for measuring and controlling the waters level and quality: the stations for this type of monitoring are designed to associate the measurement of level to the quality monitoring of freshwaters (rivers, streams, lakes, canals, etc.).
The installation of the stations is usually performed with that of a cabin where can be installed also pumps and samplers for an eventual sample taking on-site and subsequent analysis in laboratory, in additional to meteorological equipment according to WMO norms.
The low consumption of the station (<1, 2W) allows a long battery life even with a small photovoltaic panel 20W power (if there are not any active samplers).
The possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc. Allow you to manage the data and datalogger very easily even remotely, by using common web browsers, without any proprietary software.

Camera, weather station according to WMO norms, other sensors.

Monitoring of meteoric or water outflows (rivers and streams) for civil protection or forecasting purposes, associated to a waters quality monitoring.