Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST-GEO Geotechnical monitoring systems
geotechnical monitoring system
The STM-GEO stations are realized and used for monitoring buildings and structures subjected to any problem related to, for example, movements of subsoil, structural failures, etc..
The equipments for the measurements allow quick and non-invasive installations, such as to allow applications also in particular locations and subjected to restrictions, for example old churches, museums, monuments.
You also can combine a weather monitoring stations according to WMO norms in order to document the correlation (often verified) of structural problem with the local weather and climate developments.
The possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc. allow you to manage the data and datalogger very easily even remotely, by using common web browsers, without any proprietary software.
Thanks to the features of the datalogger, you can remote alert one or more referents in the event of danger (for example when movements become faster, presence of vibrations, etc.).

Wireless information panel with led matrix for real-time information, vibrating strings, other sensors.

Structural monitoring of buildings, galleries, bridges, dams, etc..