Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST-GEO Caves monitoring systems
geotechnical monitoring system
The STM-GEO stations are realized for the purposes of monitoring caves and, in general, underground environments.
The system is extremely compact and not invasive, easy to transport and it can be installed without altering the surrounding environment, to which you can implement a wide range of sensors for monitoring the air quality (for example CO2 concentration in relationship to the crowd of visitors and the normal emission from rocks) .
The devices for monitoring the underground can be disposed structured digital networks on line RS485, allowing you to interface all the sensors on a single data line. This method speeds up the installation whit consequent lower costs, make an easier maintenance for each sensor and allows to query the entire network in real-time at high speed.
Thanks to the features of the datalogger, you can remote alert one or more referents in the event of danger (for example when the levels of specific gases increase).

Wireless information panel with led matrix for real-time information, vibrating strings, other sensors.

Monitoring of caves and underground environments.