Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST-GEO Landslides monitoring systems
geotechnical monitoring system

The STM-GEO stations are made in accordance with WMO World Meteorological Organization directive Annex n.8, and they are used for measuring the progress of landslides, landslips monitoring, debris flow, etc.
The support structures (masts), made of anticorrodal anodized aluminium, allow and easy transport and facilitate the installation even in the most impervious areas, where the access is difficult and it is often necessary to use helicopters or transporters.
The low consumption of the station allows a long battery life even with a small photovoltaic panel 20W power.
The possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc., allow you to manage the data and datalogger very easily even remotely, by using common web browsers, without any proprietary software. Thanks to the features of the datalogger, you can remote alert one or more referents in the event of danger.

Wireless information panel with led matrix for real-time information, vibrating strings, other sensors.

Landslides and slips monitoring, debris flow.