Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

Museum and arts monitoring system
wireless thermal monitoring
Station for monitoring monuments, artworks and museums, composed of compact sensors designed to be non-invasive with wireless transmission system (or cable where possible) to TMF datalogger, which is able to connect more than 100 sensors on the same network. The protocol used allows the transmission also from isolated sites such as museum rooms or castles, without any information loss thanks to special radio repeaters.
The system for indoor application (ex. museums) is composed of dial hygro-thermal sensor (UTAI), air flux sensors, gas concentration sensors such as CO2, Cox, and for outdoor use (monuments or special areas) specific sensors such as SOx (for the marbles), rainfall, pressure, etc.
The power supply for indoor use is usually from main network 220Vac or battery, while for outdoor use a solar panel is recommended. The support, depending on indoor or outdoor installation, can be provided a pole made of anticorrodal anodized aluminium h=2m or wall mountings supports. Optional data transmission from datalogger via GPRS. Available with different and additional sensors.

All Nesa wireless sensors, repeaters mod. ZBR.

Non-invasive monitoring, difficult cabling, too far distances, monuments, artworks, museums, structures, etc.