Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

ST61400-12 Wind monitoring
wind monitoring systems
Professional and accredited stations for the wind monitoring according to IEC 61400-12 norm, with “First Class” wind speed sensors. They are composed of one or more sets of anemometric sensors with high performances (Measnet certifiable), installed at different heights of the mast or lattice tower. They are already configured and prepared for acquiring and processing anemometric data (minimum, average, maximum, gust and turbulence or standard deviation) every 10’ with data recording in encrypted format.
The station is composed of the necessary anemometric sensors (speed and direction), optional environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure), datalogger TMF100 complete of power supply system with solar panel 20W (or higher in case of a large number of sensors or heated sensors), layered protection system, cables and software included. GPRS transmission system on request.

Potential wind monitoring on sites according to IEC61400-12 norms.