Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental
monitoring and remote control

MINI-wind monitoring
Wind monitoring systems
Professional wind station for the wind monitoring according to IEC61440-12 norms, designed for small-size monitoring applications, with maximum height 20m. The basic configuration includes one “First Class” wind speed sensor (Measnet certifiable), one high precision wind direction sensor, acquisition system composted of datalogger TMF series and IP66 box for housing datalogger and battery (the kit is provided whether with power supply system from 220Vac main network, or self-powered system by solar panel).
The system is easy to install on any type of support (Nesa certified lattices up to 20m or universal support arms, optional) and allows you to get accurate data, precise and documented, for anemometric campaigns in view of the installation of small wind turbines.
Data transmission via GPRS and additional sensors on request.

Potential wind monitoring on sites according to IEC61400-12 norms, for small-size plants.