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Environmental monitoring systems

Systems for environmental monitoring and remote control

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Systems for water quality monitoring in rivers, lakes, streams, and more generally in water bodies of fresh or brackish water. It represent a typical application of the surface water monitoring for the assessment of quality.
The use of multiparametric probes for the measurement of physic and chemical parameters of the water (pH, ORP, oxygen, conductivity, etc.) and the possible connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc., allow an accurate control of water status and allow targeted actions for the protection and solving.

S-BOA Floating system for water quality monitoring


The floating monitoring systems are made in hot galvanized iron, for water monitor campaigns to in basins or close to the coast (dams, ports, access to the sea areas, etc.) and shallow waters. Depending on the number of floating rings used, the lifting capacity varies from 30 to 60Kg, allowing to support different measurement and data transmission equipment. The particularly robust triangular shape and the low center of gravity, prevents the overturning even in presence of small waves (up to 30cm). It includes an IP66/67 box (depending on the size) for devices to be connected to the immersed sensors and a small solar panel for continuous power supply if necessary (eg data transmission equipment). Prepared with 1-2 fixing rings for probes. Easy to use and move, it is optionally supplied with a 10m rope and a anchor for sand.
The low consumption of the system (<1, 2W), allows a long autonomy even with a small photovoltaic panel of only 20W of power.
A connection via GPRS, radio, satellite, etc., allows to manage data and control the remote unit easily, using a common internet browsers, without specific software.


Multiparametric Probes

Monitoring of salt water and fresh

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